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Mangrove Tour
The mangrove ecosystem of delicate and complex relationship areahas Rica Jaco Beach inCosta been a point of great interest to locals for decades. New details are constantly being discovered in the interactions of the flora, fauna and wildlife of the region..
ATV Tours

All terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are very interesting for visits or other portable solution hiking, and are a great option for our customers, both in Mar Vista and Vista Las Palmas. A tour will give you the thrill of exploration in depth of the forest can be experienced during a hike in the jungle near Jaco Beach.

Monte Verde

 The Forest Monteverde Cloud Reserve in Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and exceptional wildlife sanctuaries in the Americas, and was hailed by the New World tropics as such.

Scuba Diving

Costa Rica became the interest of June Best diving destinations in the world, and SOME of the Most Beautiful Reefs May Be Found at large the coast of Jaco Beach, just minutes from the front Jaco Beach disorder dive shops are readily available in Jaco beach, allowing visitors to rent ou to Buy diving and the Year of the diving equipment.

Savegre Rafting

Enjoy tropical rivers, where nature lovers and thrill seekers get a high river rafting adventures. This half day tour takes you to the Naranjo River Class III and IV, for more experienced paddlers.

Jaco Adventure

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